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Front Page

Front-page.JPG This page is the main gate of the virtual fab. Your can come this page by directly typing URL ( or via the link from the VFAB.ORG site.

The front page is composed of 3 sections:

  • login and sign up section on top
  • image-links to the laboratories in the middle
  • the image-links to the participating research groups in the bottom

In the top section, two input windows for ID and Password, Log In and Sign Up buttons are provided. Your e-mail address is used as the ID for this virtual fab and the password will be made during sign up process.

Right to the sign up button, we provide the link to this document page.

When you first visit the virtual fab, you may start from sign up or this document page.

User Sign Up

Signup2.JPG If you click Sign Up button in the front page, you will find the input form for your account creation.
  • E-mail is used as your ID.
  • Password will be typed twice. Color of the input window represents the security level of your password. As you type your passwd, the color will change from red to green. Please use the password with green level of security.
  • Your name, affiliation and mobile phone number are collected as minimum information of the user and for the emergency use.
  • In order to prevent automated sign up, we ask you to click "로봇이 아닙니다." check box.
  • Then click Sign UP button to submit the information.

As you submit the sign up information, you will receive an e-mail to approve your input. Please follow the instruction included in the e-mail to activate your account.

The present virtual fab obeys the Standard Personal Information Protection Policy issued by Korea Ministry of Government Adminstration and Home Affairs.

User Login/Logout

Login-section.JPG Log-in is of course straight forward.
  • Type your e-mail address registered in the Sign up page as your ID.
  • Type Password in the password input window (also registered in the Sign up page).
  • Then click Log In!
After-login.JPG Once you log in, information of the top section in the front page changes.
  • Your ID and the project window with current project name appears. You can select the project to work on in the present log-in session, using the pull-down menu of the project window.
    (Concept of the project will be discussed in the Account Page.)
  • Now you have a link to the Account page and the Logout button.
  • Log out is simple: just click Logout button. Then you will be in the front page with log-in windows on the top section.

Account Page

Acnt-page2.JPG After you log in, you can review all the information of your projects, working activities and details of the user account in this "Account" page.

Account page has three sections

  • My Information
  • Project and Participant
  • Jobs

This virtual fab provides the project-based working environment, and all your acitivites in the virtual fab are classified by the project.

You can creat a project and become the PI of the project. The PI can invite the paricipants to the project. (The participant should be registered through the sign up page.) Then, you and your collaborators are working together in the same project.

Your colleague who has been registered in this virtual fab can also create a project and invite you as the participant.

Once you log in, you can select the project to work using the pull down menu in the Front page. You can also switch from project to project whenever required.

In a project, you may focus only on a specific materials such as anode or cathode. However, the virtual fab do not put any limit in using the five laboratories in a project. Therefore, the characteristics of your project is determined only by your working activities.

If you are interested in the DB structure, you can visit DB Schema in this page.

Section: My Information

My account.jpg

My information section lists

  • Name : user's name (either real or nick name as registered in the Sign-up page.)
  • Email : user's e-mail address, also used as ID in the virtual fab
  • Affilation : user's affiliation
  • Mobile : mobile phone number (will be used for an urgent information or emergency situation, intentionally erased in this document.)
  • Signup Date : Sign up date and time
  • Last Login : Date and time of the previous login (used for security check by the user)
  • Login # : total number of login
  • Wall CPU time : total CPU time (sum of CPU time of all used cores)
  • Resources : The maximum number of servers that are available to the user at a time. You can send your resources to other user if you click 'send' and input the other user's ID

Section: Project & Participant

Project participant.JPG

In the project and participant section, you can create project and invite participant of the project. You can also get the information of the project that you are participating in.

How to creat project

On the right upper corner of the project table, you can find New button for creating a project. By clicking the button, you will be asked to provide information of the project, i.e. project name and brief discription.


Create to create the project and Close to cancel the currently creating project.

How to edit and remove project

To edit the description, just click the description section of the project and type it.

In the project table, there is a delete symbol Del.JPG in the third column of the project that you created. By clicking the symbol, You can delete the project.
If you are not the owner(PI) of the project, you don't have the right to delete the project. In that case, there is no delete symbol Del.JPG in the third column of the Project table.

CAUTION : If you delete the project in this table, all your data and record of your activity associated with the deleted project are removed permanently. Please be careful when you delete the project!

How to invite participant

Once you create a project, you are listed in the participant table of the project as PI. You are marked as PI by (PI) symbol next to your name.


If you are owner(PI) of the project, you can invite participants after creating of the project.

  • Select the project you want to invite participant by single click the row of the project in the table. The project is now highlighted by yellow color.
  • Press Invite button on the right upper corner of the Participant table. Then you are asked to provide the registered e-mail address of the participant whom you want to invite.
    In order to avoid inviting wrong person, strict search query is required so that you have to provide the participant's e-mail address exactly matched to the registered address.
  • Click Invite to invite the participant or Close to cancel the invitation.
  • The PI can cancel the invitation at anytime by using the del symbol Del.JPG in the third column of the participant table. As you expect, the PI of the project cannot be deleted.

If you are invited by other PI, the project is added to the Project table in the Account page. All the participants are listed in the Particpant table of the project. As an invited participant, you can remove only yourself from the Participant list. All the right to manage projects and participants is solely on the owner(PI) who created the project.

Section: Jobs


Jobs table shows not only your working history performed in the selected project of the Project table, but also the status of on-going jobs. It is composed of 6 columns.

Owner : Name of the user
Laboratory : Name of the laboratory where the job is performed
Job Name : Job name assigned when submitting the job in the laboratory
Submission : Job sumission date and time
CPU time : Total CPU time used for the job
Satus : Job status [ F | R | E ]

F : Successfully finished
R : On running
E : Terminated due to error

You can filter jobs by name of the user, name of laboratory, job name, submission, CPU time, and status. Just click the title of the column, choose the condition, put the value on the box, and click Apply to apply.

DB Schema

Three DB tables are associated with the Account page.

  • User Table : includes User ID, Affilication, Phone numbers etc
  • Project Table : Includes the Project owner (PI), Project name, Project creation date etc
  • Project Member Table : Information of the participants in project by pairing the project ID and the User ID

Ibat db schema.png


Mr. Minho Lee, Korea Institute of Science and Technology (Tel: +82-2-958-5450)

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